live life with more joy, passion, and purpose.


Is everything fine?

You manage your tasks, keep up with your relationships, go to work and meet the expectations. But you feel like life should be more fulfilling. You wonder if you can have a meaningful connection with God, yourself, and the world around you. You want
Joy. Passion. Purpose.

So glad you found your way here!
I'm a certified women's life coach. And I can help you.

Life And Spiritual Coaching For Women 

make it joy

i'm caroline 

I know what it feels like to think your life is done. While you help others succeed, life isn't about you being fulfilled, using your gifts, or pursuing your passions.
Or is it? 

I very much empathize with feeling unrest in the soul.
Getting lost in the day to day routines of life, putting others first, neglecting talents and dreams.
Life zooms by and we feel we haven't made the most of it,
or of ourselves.

You are created to share your wonderful gifts and all of the things that make you uniquely you. You are created to live an adventure, without fear of the opinions of others or the burden of "should" on your shoulders. You are created with a big, beautiful soul that has so much to offer.
You are created to matter! 

Through the natural highs and lows we'll experience in our time here, I believe without a doubt that life should be rich! Full of joy and enthusiasm! Life is intended to be savored.
If you're missing that spirit, life coaching can help you find it!

I want more for your life too! 


Kind Words:

"Caroline was a literal answer to my prayers. I found myself feeling lost, overwhelmed and unable to process my way through any of my feelings on my own. I had done a lot of work on my own independently, in group coaching containers, even with other life coaches 1:1, but working with Caroline is truly a gift.

She holds such a beautiful space. It’s like talking with your best friend who doesn’t judge anything you say, but will also be real with you in a truly loving way. She is so easy to talk to. I would find myself rambling on and then asking if I even made sense, and in her magical way, she would assure me I did. Then she would help me walk back through my thoughts, so I felt like they made sense to me. Working with her has really helped me elevate my life in so many ways and connect with my true joy." 

Private, one-to-one, online coaching
focusing completely and totally on YOU! 

We will meet virtually to talk all about YOU!

What do you want? 
What has held you back? 
How can you make it happen? 

I will walk alongside you as we put all of our attention and efforts into creating a life you enjoy and can be proud of. 


Kind Words:

"It’s obvious that Caroline really cares about her clients. She puts so much thought into our time together and the notes she sends after our sessions are very detailed and smart. I think the way she does this is something that sets her apart from other coaches and consultants. I feel like I get two sessions- one when we meet, and one when I read her notes after." 

"What's your joy style?"

What joy language resonates most with you?
Are you a "Joy Rider," a "Joyful Soul," or maybe something else?
 In this playful and insightful personality quiz, you'll learn which of the five joy styles
you most connect with.
Discover your preferred experience of joy and what to look out for when you get off track. Understand how to increase the satisfaction and FUN in your life!
Take two minutes.

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how can i make it joy? 

Connect Spiritually

Invest In Yourself

Honor Your Natural Gifts


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