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Live boldly, authentically, and with passion! 

When you ask someone what they want for their life, most people will say something like: 

"I want to be happy." 
"I want to love God and others well."  
"I want to make a difference." 

All great answers from a pool of many more.
Yet, for many of us, our deepest desires get crowded out by to-do lists,
daily routines, and comfortable habits.

We can forget to live intentionally, mindfully, and pursue our greatest passions.
It's shockingly easy for years to fly by, catch up with us, and have little to show for themselves. 
It's like the famous saying goes,
"Time flies when you're working hard, sitting in traffic, running errands,
filling your calendar, exercising, carpooling, scrolling online, making supper, watching Netflix, and cleaning the house every day."
Such a good saying. 

Your Go-To Source To Help You Live A Fulfilling And Meaningful Life

make it joy

If You've lost your joy, that's okay!

it happens to all of us.

You can find it again and live with passion and fulfillment.

You are made for so much more than "Eh, things are fine."
But it happens. 
Easily. Quietly. And to most of us.

We lose our joy.  We make mistakes and feel the wear of life. We forget our talents. We ignore our desires and yearnings,
and things go dull.

It rarely happens in a moment. Usually, joy slips away unnoticed.
Disappointment, neglect, routine- these guys are masters at silently dimming your light.
Typically, you don't realize you've lost your zest for life until you're well into what feels like a two-dimensional, detached existence.
Toss some fear and superficial connections in there and you've got the makings of some totally "whatever" living. 

If that's you, you're in good company.
Our lives aren't set up for a soul-first lifestyle anymore. 

But, it's possible. 
With intention, education, and support, you can live a soulful, joyful, meaningful life. 

That's why I created Make It Joy. 
To inspire and encourage you and me both
to make the absolute most of this one life we have. 

You are made to live a rich, engaged life.


i'm caroline 

I very much empathize with feeling unrest in the soul.
Getting lost in the day to day routines of life, putting others first, neglecting talents and dreams. 
Life zooms by and we feel we haven't made the most of it,
or of ourselves.

Through the natural highs and lows we'll experience in our time here, I believe without a doubt that life should be enjoyed! It can be full of joy and enthusiasm! Life is intended to be savored.

If you're missing that spirit, I want to help you find it. 

How can Make It Joy help you? 
Each month, we focus on a monthly theme that plays a role in meaningful living. 

I'll provide lots of free content and resources to encourage you as you go.  
I also offer life and spiritual coaching services, digital products, and events you can purchase if you'd like to take things deeper.  

I want more for your life too! 


Where should I start? 

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"What's your joy style?"

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