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New Year Reset

In this workbook, you will follow prompts and reflection exercises to end the year with appreciation. You'll turn your focus inward to acknowledge what worked for you and what left you wanting. 
Following a surrender and gratitude meditation, you'll make peace with the last year. 

You'll also prepare your mind and heart for the new year. Responding to insightful questions, you will lay out your goals and let go of what weighs you down. 
There will be exercises to empower your vision and also to help you let go of blocks for the year ahead. 

Start fresh in 2024


*Available for a limited time

In Bloom

If you struggle with the feeling that you aren't using your gifts and talents as much as you'd like to,
this guide is for you.
For your convenience, this comes in three versions: a printable PDF, a digital PDF with fillable forms, and an audio option.

A guide to help you rediscover those talents, skills, and desires that you've put on the back burner


encouragement for your journey

 Be encouraged by artists, philosophers, and other thoughtful voices from the past. Included are 30 beautiful and heartening designs to use as your computer and phone wallpaper, or to print for daily motivation.

Inspirational quotes to support you as you come to life again


god is with you

God loves you big time! Yes, you!
Use these 20 landscape-themed photos for your desktop and phone wallpaper, or as daily devotion cards. Each image includes gorgeous scenery and scripture focused on God's unfailing love for you.

Be encouraged by God's word to You


What You need when you need it

This 15-min audio guide hits the spot when you've neglected your body for a period of time. After overeating, over-drinking, under-sleeping, or not caring for your body in general, this calming meditation will help you reconnect with your body in a compassionate, loving way. 

Audio guided meditations, reflections, and coaching exercises to support you


"Body Kindness" - Reconnection Meditation

"I Just Lost It On My Kids" -
Recover and Repair

This audio guide thoughtfully and compassionately leads you through the aftermath when you lose your temper with your kids. 



What's your joy style?

In this fun and insightful personality quiz, you'll learn which of the five joy styles you most connect with. Discover your preferred experience of joy, so you can understand how to increase the satisfaction and FUN in your life. 
Take two minutes.

What "Joy Language" do you speak?


 30 second self-care

Create your own time-based guide to restoration. Use this reference when you need to give yourself a boost, without having to come up with ideas on the spot. You'll follow prompts that help you discover what genuinely refreshes you so you'll always know how to care for yourself whether you have 30 seconds or a whole weekend. 

Take care of yourself with the time you have


Ease In to your day

In this guided audio, you will wake up at a gentle pace. With simple stretches and breathwork, you will have a few minutes to connect with yourself before you
start your day. 

A peaceful wake-up


private, online life and spiritual coaching for women

Schedule your complimentary phone call with me. We'll go over any questions you have and see if we're a fit. 


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