On this page, you'll find lots of goodies to lift you up.
I've got some of my favorite and most used items
and support on this page.
I've used them. I love them. And I want to share them with you.
Many of these are affiliate links and I'll get a small
kickback if you buy from the link.
I appreciate you using these links if you find something you like!

I add to this page occasionally when I find something worth sharing. So, check back often. 

Browse my favorite products and services
that bring joy, fun, comfort, and ease

Things You'll Love

Audible audiobook service

Learn to reprocess pain. I've just started, but it's  encouraging

Written like God is talking to you

A down to earth intro to meditation

Learn how to set healthy boundaries

I guess these guys know a thing or two 

A mindful approach to weight loss

Logical thought management 

Simplify your life

Create healthy 
habits with ACT

A healthy view
on confidence

Anything by Russ Harris
will be good

Each of these books has ideas, tips, or perspectives to educate and encourage you
as you build (and continue to come back to) joy.
You'll see several resources that are based on Acceptance Commitment Therapy.
I'm a big fan of ACT and often utilize it in coaching sessions. 

books to help you grow, create joy, and relax

Sometimes ya gotta read with your ears

Audio book subscription service so you can "read" on the go.

Check It Out

Great for your face and feels awesome. Be sure to use a non-irritating oil so the stone glides over your skin

Gua Sha Facial Stone

Love this yummy tea. They're all good. Meadow and
Lullaby especially

Steven Smith Tea

Sleep fancy. Keeps you cool and is smoothing for your hair and face

Silk pillowcase

 Stuff to help you feel pampered,
 luxurious, and beautiful

Gentle Face Oil

For a cozy night in

Snuggly Sweater

A light, lavender scent to soothe you to sleep

Pillow Spray

This smells sooo nice.
Home Goods has it sometimes.
Snag it when you see it

Pecksniff's Candle

Sitting for long periods can increase pain. Add movement when you're working or stuck at your computer.

Walking Pad 

Muscle stimulator that helps with back pain, sciatica, and acute relief. 

Tens Unit

Trigger point tool for hard to reach
pressure points.
Very useful

Back Buddy

A more mellow version of fire cupping. Release stuck fascia and adhesions.
I prefer the gliding method

Cupping Set 

An app focusing on chronic pain. Very helpful for reprogramming your mind and nervous system


I've battled with full-body chronic pain for years. These are some of the tools I use to ease symptoms. If you have chronic inflammation or tenderness, it's usually best to apply gentle pressure.
Listen to your very smart, wonderful body. It will wisely lead you.

Caring for your body &
pain management

Gliding Oil

Adjustable desk


As a certified life and spiritual coach, I specialize in helping women find their purpose, their passion, their connection with God, and ultimately a life they can enjoy. 
Wonder if coaching is for you? Schedule a free 20 minute consult and we'll see if it's a good option for you.

Showit (web host- get a free month with this code: my91dp92)


Alitu (podcast)

Flodesk (email)

Paperbell (CMS)

Hi, fellow coaches and creators! When I started Make It Joy, I had to do everything myself. I'm creative, but not technical, so I was intimidated. But I've researched, followed tutorials, taken courses, and found great support through these products. Each of the below has been a help and all are relatively easy to use.
Thank you for using my affiliate links! 

stuff i use to
run my biz: 

Say "Yes" to You

Give yourself the first few moments of the day.

Ease In To Your

take care of yourself

Care for yourself no matter how little time
you have.


Takes two minutes

Find out if you're a 
Joyrider, Independent Joy, Joyful Soul, Joyful Heart, or Joy Giver.

"What's Your Joy Style?" 

Enjoy these freebies 

Don't  go home empty handed!

Get the most out
of life!

You have one life, and I want you to make the absolute most of it! 

Live with purpose. 
Use your talents and skills.
Laugh and smile easily. 
Give generously. 
Find work that fulfills you.
Enjoy loving friendships and relationships.
Be present.
Feel close to God
Know who you are and LOVE it! 

No more waiting or hoping things just work out or get better.
It's time to get busy living a life you
positively adore!

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with me? 


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