May 2024 Theme Of The Month

woman holding flowers in a field

The Beauty Of Timing…

Because of a weekend getaway, I made a last-minute change to our very first monthly theme.

I think part of being joy-full is staying open. When we’re adaptable and keep our ears open to hear our intuition and the little nudges or flat-out directives from the Lord, life can take us in some pretty cool directions. I’ve always thought that when you feel a pull or an instinct, you gotta say “yes! And…”

-Improv style.

So when I found myself halfway through our first monthly theme with a sudden compulsion to change topics, my “yes, and…” had a big but.

I only had 14 days to make it happen.

That meant new podcast episodes and guests, new blogs, new resources, and new energy.

And in mid-April, when I walked through the doors of The Grove Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, I immediately knew… Oooohh ooooh THAT!

*And don’t you worry, we’ll do that other theme later in the summer

Get Your Grove On…

Not a fan of crowds, I haven’t been to any large events in a while- besides the occasional concert with $40 parking (excuse me!). That includes any kind of big Christian gatherings too. Well, aside from church, where I inevitably seek out the open seats in the back row.

But as a “solopreneur,” I thought it might be a good idea to check out some women’s conferences and learn about some businessy stuff. So, at the end of last year, I started looking for women’s events to go to.

In my search, I came across a gorgeous website, with a background video of women frolicking in a meadow of flowers wearing bright colors and puffy sleeves. The frolicking is no joke. They were skipping around in flowers, smiling, getting their Happytimes on.

The site was utterly feminine, bold, and welcoming.

The beauty of the page drew me in. The message drew me in. The name drew me in (“The Grove,” a name I’d considered for Make It Joy and a past yoga studio I’d planned to open and mercifully did not).

And for my southern and Christian friends here who keep up with Christian people and happenings, the leader’s name on the website was Giglio. Shelley Giglio.

Now this has special meaning to me because when I went to Auburn University years ago, I used to drive two hours with my friends to go hear her husband, Louie, teach. Then we’d go to The Varsity, get yelled at by the servers, and get hot dogs. Ah.. fond memories. So, I was already warm-hearted when I learned about Shelley and The Grove.

I’d found my conference.

A nostalgic connection and a road laid for feminity and beauty… Here I come.

Thanks to a combo of very little effort from me and a few expectant friends with delivery due dates, I’d have to take the trip alone and go to the conference by myself.

As a mother of two precious wild ones, let me rephrase that:

“Hot Dang, A Weekend By MYSELF! Wah Frickin’ Hooooo! Don’t call me, don’t text me, Y’all figure it out, I’m FREE and I’m sleepin’ til 9!”

Okay, okay, so we’re getting to the theme, I promise. But first, if you’re curious about my time at The Grove, I’m happy to share my humble “review”:

One Long Sentence Summary Of My Time At The Grove Conference 2024:

Excited, expectant, and nervous, I was delighted to find an impeccably organized and friendly atmosphere filled with leaders, joyful and accommodating volunteers, little happy treats, Chick-fil-A biscuits, cheddar cheese popcorn, floral decor along the walls, an efficient women’s restroom assembly line calling “one open here,” ladies playing hooky from life and laughing with their fellow traveler girlfriends, warmth, joy, and an overall celebration and sense of femininity and beauty, and will forever be impacted by the strong and soulful singers, wise and powerful speakers, and cozy, personal presence of God.

Man, I love a comma!

Carried Away By A Tote Bag

Somewhere right when I entered the conference, I read a sign that said:
“Vibrant Beauty.”

I’m certain I had an audible gasp and an “Ohhh.”

In fact, it stirred me so deeply that I stumbled a bit as we entered the building and were all encouraged to “Take A Tote” from the color-filled wall full of bright canvas bags with phrases on them.
I first settled on a more neutral, everyday wear bag in a dusty blue that said “The Grove.”

But I secretly wanted the royal purple one that said “Vibrant Beauty.”

This little decision made for a big internal conflict.

At first, I said, “Self, if you get that one, people are going to see you carrying around something that says “Vibrant Beauty,” and they’re going to think that you think that you’re a “Vibrant Beauty” and you want other people to think that you’re a “Vibrant Beauty” too. And what if this bag is calling you a “Vibrant Beauty” in comparison to other people who just have a plain purse that doesn’t say “Vibrant Beauty” on it? You can’t be a “Vibrant Beauty” if it’s going to make other people feel like they’re not a “Vibrant Beauty.” You cannot wear anything that draws any attention to you as any kind of a “beauty.” Hide. Stay small. Be modest.

And whoa, let’s take a look here. Isn’t that an intriguing instinct? Or maybe a conditioned response? Doesn’t matter really, the result is the same.

My initial response was, “Yes! Purple beauty bag!”

So interesting.

The Beauty of Courage…

Thankfully, after I walked around the flowers and happy women while waiting for the first speaker, I had a second conversation.

“Self, do it.”

And I exchanged my cute dusty blue for the bold and jewel-toned “Vibrant Beauty” tote.
(And just between you and me, I asked if I could have a second one for my gorgeous ray of light daughter Madeleine (6). It was orangey gold, bright, happy, and said “Radiant.” Perfectly her. And I want her to know it. Much like if I was my mom, I’d want me to know I’m a “Vibrant Beauty.”)

A Taste Of Beauty…

This phrase “vibrant beauty” was touched on some throughout the conference. Shelley read from the Message Bible, Psalm 89:15-17

(That’s pretty good! )

But I didn’t get enough. I wanted more beauty.

I always want more beauty! This wonderful conference roused a desire to seek out and appreciate beauty and to dig into what it means to us and what it means to God.

The Power Of Beauty…

I’ve always been struck by beauty. My soul is full when I stop and appreciate nature in her stunning dress of sunsets and ocean waves. It can make me feel effervescent like I’m drinking champagne or centered and calm like I’m connected to the long history of the ground beneath my feet.

I believe God is Beauty. He makes beautiful things. We are beautiful. And He made us to seek beauty- in all of its forms.

Hence, the monthly theme.

This Month’s Theme Is…

“Celebrate Beauty”

We’re going to Celebrate Beauty this month.
It’s such a gift.

We can glean from my difficulty choosing my “Vibrant Beauty” tote bag that our feelings about beauty can be complicated. But beauty herself is pure and wants to be admired, appreciated, and celebrated.

So let’s explore with gratitude, and celebrate beauty in all of its forms.

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