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Soulful Living- Make It Joy Is Behind You!

If you’ve followed along on the podcast or newsletters, you know that Make It Joy is shifting focus from a life and spiritual coaching business to a content-centered business. I want you to have a place you can go for all things soulful living.

It’s just no longer the primary focus.
The message is.

And… coaching, retreats, online and in-person events, digital products, will all still be available to support you along the way.

So, not a huge change.

I think that’s pretty exciting. Follow your nose, guys!

So you can come to Make It Joy and dig into all of the totally FREE content. And if you’d like to take things deeper or have more personal support, I’ve got things you can invest in— for all price ranges.

(Well, nothing’s super expensive actually. But maybe one day we’ll do a ten-day retreat abroad. That’d be awesome. And pricey. Let’s pray it up!)

Let’s Get Our Inspiration On

A bit on the message of Make It Joy.
What do phrases like “soulful living,” “create a joyful life,” and “living with passion” mean?

My view, which I’m so thankful to have, is that joyful living is an expansive, wide, and soulful way of seeing and doing life. We have one life and we’ve got to make the absolute most of it. And that means to soak up and give as much goodness, meaning, and joy as we can.

To be clear- This doesn’t mean to have an easy life or a fortunate life. Much of that is out of our control. But how we bring ourselves to our lives and the lives of others is something we can be intentional about.

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Taking Cues From The Ultimate Soulful Living Ingenue

I’ve got to quote Juliet here. She’s well worth being a muse for a life of passion. Check out these gorgeous lines:

Isn’t that a spectacular writing?! Breathtaking.

That gal’s got a whopper soul on her.

Here- A quick literary moment for us. Our BFF Billy Shakes is often known for weaving more than one meaning into a word or phrase. So, let’s focus on the most relevant meaning for our purposes.

Juliet is talking major soul stuff here. Sweeping love.

Notice she’s using words like “boundless,” “more,” and “infinite.” Do you see the freedom in her language? There’s an abundance and reciprocity with her love and generosity. She is giving and experiencing fully! And as she gives and pours out and opens her soul, she amply receives.

As she gives and opens wide, nothing is subtracted from her- it’s all addition. I give all of my love away, I receive love’s fullness. She is speaking with an appetite for wholeness.

Fuhhh-rickin’ Beautiful!

As she opens up, do you see her strength?

What an inspiring bit here from a woman who is loving with abandon and allowing herself to be fully immersed in passion, pleasure, and the NOW.

But in our case, we’re talking to Life and the gorgeous experience of living, not our teenage boyfriends we drink poison with- oops.

While Juliet isn’t exactly a role model, one must admire the power and strength that comes from her when she opens up and lives from her soul. She is living at a ten here.

And she is no small, timid little girl. Neither are we.

Your Practical Guide To Soulful Living

So practically, What is joyful living, living from the soul, making the most of life, etc?
Well, it doesn’t mean:

“Weee I’m happy today! And I was happy yesterday! And the day before! And then I thought I might get unhappy for a few minutes the day before that, but nope, I was still happy!!! Yay for me and yay for life and yay!!!!!”

God bless Golden Retrievers.

Living a life full of joy is an intentional practice. There are things we need to do to set us up for fulfillment (doing work you love, investing in quality friendships, caring for yourself) and that’s stuff we’ll talk about here. But it’s not a one-and-done choice.

“I choose to be soulful.” Check and done!

Life and circumstances evolve. So do we. So living a life we love won’t ever be effortless.

But it’s more than a mindset for sure. If you don’t have a healthy foundation, finding deep satisfaction in your life can feel distant.

Put Your Attention On These Things:

You might notice I’ve made this list before. But taking after my Mom, her mom, and many women everywhere, I’m saying the same thing to you again, but in a different way.

Oh, AND, I’m adding live in the now.

How did I let that one slip before??

Love And Treat Yourself Well

Seek Goodness And Share It With Others

Do Life With God

Be Here Now

Have Fun

I’m here and Make It Joy is here to help.
If you want to do the big fat soulful living thing, I’m with you.

Introducing Monthly Themes With Make It Joy

Starting now, we’ll have a topic of the month. We’ll take our time over 30 days and see what the month’s theme can teach us.

How will it work?

On the first day of the month, you’ll get an email with the month’s topic and all of the blogs, podcast episodes, and all the resources that go with it. Most things will be free, but you can always invest in what’s available for purchase when you’re ready.

You’ll get the Wednesday Pick-Up– a short weekly email to give you a little boost on the month’s topic, make you think, or make you laugh.

After three months, we’ll have a whole month to go back and revisit the previous three themes. This way, they get another chance to sink deeper or show us more we may be ready for.

If you’re not on the email list, get your booty on it!

You can pick how often you get mail and unsubscribe anytime you feel crowded.

Join The List Here

Thanks so much for being a part of Make It Joy with me!

And may we both make like Juliet and get our soulful living on.

Get all of the content for the theme of the month here: Monthly Theme

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