June 2024 Theme Of The Month

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June’s Theme Of The Month Is…

Embrace The Now

How often do you say, “Uh… I need to be present?!” I hear that from clients and friends a lot. I also say that a lot.

Staying in the moment is both something we feel we ought to do and something that we want to do. A rare combo.

Most of us have a tendency to hustle through the days, glue our eyes to what’s next, and only partially give a nod to what’s happening right in front of us.

That’s not a criticism of us. It’s just information. And I don’t think that’s our fault.
Mostly not.

It’s Hard To Be Present When You Be Distracted

Have you seen all the stuff we’ve got in this world? Holy smokes! We’ve got YouTube, Netflix, a new bestseller book listed every ten minutes, concerts, and Google getting in our faces about a conversation we had last night that it definitely overheard and is now sending us ads about.

There’s so much to entertain us. 

Who can resist all the sparklies? 

It’s Hard To Be Present When You’re Overworked

But we don’t just have hilarious cat videos to contend with.

We also have to survive. We have to make money, provide for ourselves and other members of our tribe or family, and create security in our lives.

That means pressure from work, learning, making meals, and all of the living stuff that’s necessary, but sometimes a drag.

What Does It Mean To Be Present?

Horizontally or vertically, it means the same thing. Your senses, focus, and mind are engaged in the moment.

Your mind is where your body is. Your internal self is in the same place and time as your external self.
That is- when you’re eating a bag of Cheetos, you’re not thinking about your prom 20 years ago. Your attention is on the taste, smell, and feel of the Cheetos.
Cheetos- always a homerun.

The Science Behind Just Being

You bet there’s science and research to back up the benefits of mindfulness.
Google will have lots of exciting information on this, similar to this article: https://www.apa.org/monitor/2012/07-08/ce-corner.

Mindfulness isn’t just about feeling zen. It’s brain training. And it helps us in our pursuit of living a fulfilling life.

Your Main Goal For The Month:

This isn’t something you’re fighting or trying to control. You build your “be present” muscles by awareness of your attention shifting it back to the present moment—– a zillion times.

After a while, you’ll notice you’re in the present more often. You’ll also catch a distracted mind quicker and it’ll be easier to bring yourself back to now.

Perfection is a million percent NOT your goal. We’re aiming for improvement, that’s all.
You’re just going to try and be more present more often.

Be kind to yourself about this and know that every single other person doing this with you this month will find this difficult too.

Our brains are made to think. Be glad for that! And acknowledge that being present can be tough.
Just catch your wandering mind, give it a little whistle, and say, “Hey brain, this way.”

Simple Tips to Start Being Present

Here are some simple, straightforward steps to practice being more in the now.

  1. Make time each day to just be: Dedicate a few minutes every day to simply sit in silence. Focus on your breath or the sounds around you. This helps train your brain to stay in the present moment.
  2. Do one thing at a time: Surrender the multi-tasking. Try to focus on just one activity at a time. When eating, just eat. When walking, focus on the act of walking. This mindfulness approach can significantly boost your ability to be fully present.
  3. Phone down, head up: We often miss out on being in the now because we’re texting the person sitting beside us. Challenge yourself to put your phone away during meals or while conversing with others. This fosters genuine connection and helps you stay engaged and stay connected.
  4. Get in nature: The beauty of nature is one of the most reliable ways to come back to the moment. Try to get outside every day and connect with nature. Watch a sunset, take a hike, listen to birds. Make nature a habit and it will stay with you for your lifetime.
  5. Take in your surroundings: Wherever you are, take a moment to observe what’s around you. Notice the colors, textures, and sounds. This practice of connecting with your senses brings you back to the present easily.

Starting with these steps can shift focus from the past or future back to the present moment. It’s about creating small habits that encourage us to be here now and enjoy what’s happening as it happens.

Now Go Practice and Have Fun

So, as we put our attention on being present, take it one moment at a time, one day at a time. Remember, it’s not about getting it perfect. It’s about making the effort, building your “be present” muscles, and celebrating the moments you get to enjoy.

Okay, let me know how you go with this. Have fun!

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